Android development on OS X without Eclipse

January 15, 2011


I finally got started with playing around on Android. In this post I share the process I used to getting set up with Android development using Apache Maven and the Android Maven Plugin rather than Eclipse.

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HubKit – Creating a new Objective-C iOS Library

January 6, 2011


My work has taken an interesting turn in the last few months. I have been busy settling into my new job where I have been cast from a web developer, dabbling in php, ruby, java to varying degrees, to an iOS developer. This has been an exciting period for me and I think that I […]

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VirtualBox SDK Machine Status

April 22, 2010


In this post I share the small results of my first play with the Virtualbox Python SDK to create a useful little status script which can then in turn be used in Conky.

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Installing RVM on Debian Lenny

April 6, 2010


My work has seen me doing a lot of work in ruby recently and more specifically in rails. I recently have been making a lot of use of Ruby Version Manager (RVM). This is a little gem (pun intended) and allows you to easily install multiple versions of ruby, and manage multiple sets of gems […]

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Zend Framework and Twig

October 13, 2009


Update It looks like I should keep a closer eye on the mailing lists for new projects. Some people have already started to look into integrating Twig with the Zend Framework. The thread can be found in the group here. I have a small confession to make. Whilst I do love the Zend Framework I […]

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