Marcus Ramsden
About Me
I am a software developer from the United Kingdom. My current day job at Accenture has me working in iOS development and I hope to expand into Android development in the near future. As a result of the iOS development I have taken to programming in Objective-C and C using frameworks such as CocoaTouch.

I like to think that I am capable of developing web sites at the backend of things using technologies such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java and MySQL. I used to work for the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton as a Technical Project Assistant. A large part of my work revolved around EPrints and in particular the OneShare project which had the aim of taking an EPrints repository and transforming it into a repository for learning resources. Projects that used OneShare include EdShare at the University of Southampton, Humbox in association with the Universities of Southampton and Portsmouth, LORO at the Open University and the LearningBox at the University of Worcester. One of the major projects that came out from under the OneShare project was the MePrints plugin which aims to make an EPrints repository more user-centric.
Another project that started out as a pet project at Dev 8D 2008 was Microviews on the promise of a beer. Microviews is a JavaScript plugin built for use with the JQuery library and provides tooltip previews of linked resources in an EPrints repository, it also provides previews that are tailored towards a mobile device if browsing on a mobile device.

In 2009 I became a PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer.

About This Blog
This blog is my place to share what I have learned through my dealings that I have with the various technologies I make use of. I put them up here first and foremost as a reminder to myself of what I did. But I hope that by putting it up here readers of this blog may be able to gleen something useful as well or indeed point out to me where something could be improved or done differently.

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