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Customised UINavigationBar background in iOS 4 and 5

November 2, 2011


Recently I came across the situation that I needed to support a custom background for a UINavigationBar in an app that had to work for both iOS 4 and iOS 5. After some Googling I came up with this approach. First the easy one, iOS 5; Note the test on the navigation bar class to […]

Creating a URL query string using an NSDictionary

May 14, 2011


I finally got round to making this into a category. It’s a simple function for turning a dictionary into a query string, ready for appending to the end of a URL. Using this category is very simple; You can get the sourcecode as a gist.

HubKit – Creating a new Objective-C iOS Library

January 6, 2011


My work has taken an interesting turn in the last few months. I have been busy settling into my new job where I have been cast from a web developer, dabbling in php, ruby, java to varying degrees, to an iOS developer. This has been an exciting period for me and I think that I […]