HubKit – Creating a new Objective-C iOS Library

Posted on January 6, 2011


My work has taken an interesting turn in the last few months. I have been busy settling into my new job where I have been cast from a web developer, dabbling in php, ruby, java to varying degrees, to an iOS developer.

This has been an exciting period for me and I think that I am finally starting to get a handle on things. On my list of things to get my head around is creating libraries for Objective-C for use in iOS applications and possibly, in a boon for reuse, OS X as well. I settled on creating an Objective-C wrapper for the Github API which I will probably take further and develop into an iOS application over time, ideally a one that is targeted at both the iPhone and the iPad as my new job has yet to see me make anything for Apple’s tablet.

What I am really interested with this project is, what makes a good API that is nice and easy to use for the average iOS developer? I already have the start of an answer is that it should presumably echo the existing Cocoa Apis as I have noticed that these are quite consistent at the high level which as a result makes them easier to learn or at least take a guess to a reasonable start to using an as yet unmet API.

I hope over the process that I will do a better job at keeping my somewhat unloved blog a little more up to date with my experiences.

I suppose the other important part is the project page for the library can be found at Github.

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